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24-hour security for a restaurant with drive-in

Securing a catering area is paramount when it comes to ensuring staff and client safety. Our partner, KFC, sought a comprehensive security solution, including a perimeter and volumetric alarm, combined with a video surveillance system.

The alarm system

A wired system was installed which provides an identical functional approach for each building while being adapted to each restaurant’s specific needs. This system provides total protection against intruders outside of opening hours. Managed remotely, it protects the space from vandalism or intrusion.

Video surveillance

Our specialists installed dome cameras; these provide an overall view of the route vehicles take through the drive-in, the building’s access points, the main room, and the cash registers. This system helps prevent customers from being robbed, as well as hold-ups, while complying with Cantonal Office of the Inspectorate of Labour Relations (OCIRT) directives for the protection of the company's employees.

The cameras’ functional approach is identical in all the restaurants, but – as is the case with intrusion protection – it is adapted to the specific features of each building. This uniform approach across the alarm system means that each manager is able to use the same security tools in the various KFC restaurants.

All the alarm installations are wired and connected to our central surveillance office.

We would like to thank KFC for their confidence.

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