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Piguet Hôtel des ventes is uncompromising on security

Piguet Hôtel des Ventes: One of Geneva's leading auction houses is uncompromising on security

Piguet Hôtel des Ventes, a private auction house, made its mark on the Swiss and foreign markets when it was taken over in 2006 by Bernard Piguet, an art market professional for over 20 years and director of the institution. This passionate auctioneer wanted to equip the famous auction house with a tailor-made security concept, and placed his trust in our company for this unique mandate.

Irreplaceable valuables

Auction houses present and sell a wide range of valuable items, from works of art to antique furniture, jewellery, and collectors' items. These rare items are highly prized targets for thieves and fraudsters the world over. Having a security system in place is, therefore, of utmost importance – not only to safeguard the objects themselves, but also to uphold the reputation and credibility of the company representing them. What's more, many of these items are irreplaceable, both for the auction house and for the owners of said items.

Flexibility of space and tailored protection systems: striking the right balance

Devising a security concept for such a major auction house is a highly specific endeavour. A wide variety of items are constantly being moved - much more so than in any other facility displaying valuable goods. The exhibition spaces at Piguet auction house vary according to the subjects on offer, and the other premises on the site must not be neglected either: archives, vaults, storage rooms, photography studio, and offices.

Housing high-value collections of art, jewellery, and collectibles for storage, display, and auction, the site required a comprehensive security analysis. This in turn led to the integration of new video surveillance technologies, complemented by targeted, modular anti-break-in systems and fire alarms. The installation therefore took into account a global ecosystem serving several different types of users, namely: employees, visitors, and clients.

"We would like to thank Bernard Piguet, CEO of Piguet Hôtel des Ventes , for his confidence in us to carry out this project, which presented our teams with a stimulating undertaking. United by a shared passion for our businesses, we rose to the challenge together, delivering effective, flexible solutions that met our client's needs," says Chris Perrochon, Director of Protection One.

We would like to thank the managers of Piguet Hôtel des Ventes for their trust.

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