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The Flower Clock is Protected Against Vandalism

The Flower Clock in Geneva’s Jardin anglais is as symbolic of the city as the Geneva water fountain at the heart of La Rade, the city’s waterfront.

Changing its appearance along with the seasons, the clock with the world's largest second hand has in recent years increasingly been subject to vandalism, prompting the authorities to bolster security around it and to mandate Securitas with providing a suitable security solution.

Cambriolage Sécurité Suisse

Particularly popular with tourists, the Geneva Flower Clock was given a facelift this spring to meet current needs. The Geneva watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe, renovated the clock mechanism and hands. As a result, the world's largest (2.5 metres) second hand can continue to move at exactly 27 centimetres per second. The 13,000 flowers and plants were also refreshed so that the clock's design can grow and bloom throughout the summer. The floral arrangement will be replaced in the autumn for the winter season.

Visibility and audibility against vandalism

Security measures protecting the Flower Clock were also significantly strengthened. Indeed, there has been a significant increase in damage to the tourist site in recent years, with twelve complaints filed in 2014 and fifty-five in 2016. To counter this problem, the barrier surrounding the clock was raised, preventing ill-intentioned people from easily breaching it. Securitas' Geneva regional management was in addition asked to provide other security solutions. It immediately called in Protection One, Securitas Group's specialist in alarm systems and access control.

Located in the Geneva commune of Founex, the company installed a laser scanning detector. The system inspects every square centimetre of the monitored area, registers any intrusion on the site, and reports it immediately to the Certas alarm centre. A siren and light signal are designed to quickly prevent potential vandals from damaging the Flower Clock. Specialists from Securitas' Geneva regional office ensure on-site interventions.


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