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Occupational safety and health protection for our employees: a comprehensive commitment

“Ensuring and reassuring since 1996”: this is our company’s vision, as described through our motto. This work philosophy, which goes far deeper than a simple marketing tagline, is directed towards our clients as much as our employees.

At Protection One, we do not compromise on the safety and health of our teams.

By guaranteeing our desire to adhere to the MSST* rules on a daily basis, and with the support of experts from the Swiss Bureau for Integral Safety (SBIS, Bureau suisse pour la sécurité intégrale), we underline our unwavering commitment to guaranteeing safe and secure working conditions for our employees.

* MSST is the abbreviation for "call to occupational physicians and other occupational safety specialists" (“appel à des médecins du travail et autres spécialistes de la sécurité au travail” in French)

The MSST method: a comprehensive and fundamental approach

In Switzerland, the MSST Directive of the Federal Commission for Occupation Safety (the FCOS, or Commission fédérale de coordination pour la sécurité au travail, CFST in French) outlines the ten key elements of an occupational safety and health protection system, designing an effective safety system and involving occupational physicians and other specialists in the sector. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents and health hazards that lead to increased absences and high costs.

For an employer, the MSST method provides a useful tool, enabling it to assume its responsibilities and to continuously improve safety and health protection within the company. The ten principles establish, among others, the objectives in matters of security and the effective implementation thereof, training, the measures to be taken, and the regular controls required to verify if objectives are indeed being met.

Experts who support you

Experts from the Swiss Bureau for Integral Safety (SBIS, Bureau suisse pour la sécurité intégrale) support organisations and companies like ours in the implementation of the integral management of safety. Offering comprehensive solutions combining human and technical resources, these experts support us on an everyday basis.

Continuous training: an essential tool for improving occupational safety

In this context, we promote skills development, and are convinced that continuous training creates the opportunity for shared involvement in the company's development.

For example, to ensure the safety of our specialists when installing surveillance cameras at height, and to prevent falls and accidents, our teams have received training in the use of aerial work-platforms under the guidance of a Swiss leader in the field.

Indeed, in Switzerland, jobs involving particular dangers can only be given to workers who have been appropriately trained. This training contributes to the safety of our employees and other people found nearby.

Protecting and training our employees underscores our commitment to carrying out quality work on a daily basis – both for our teams and for our clients.

Our mission:

to ensure you and your teams are safe

More information the SUVA’s MSST Directives on this link.


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