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Protecting your business with fog generators

Our partner company, Protect, offers the world's most powerful and innovative smoke generators for burglary protection. They are suitable for warehouses, large spaces, shopping centres, and large company entrances. Also suitable for private homes, they can be integrated into your home, house, or apartment.

Cambriolage Sécurité Suisse

Image : Protect

To protect themselves against the risk of burglary, many professionals and private individuals choose to install an anti-burglary system. Some of these systems can be combined with a smoke generator to disrupt and scare off burglars.

What is a fog generator?

One of the new systems is the intruder alarm connected to a fog generator. In the event of a break-in, this system diffuses thick smoke to put burglars to flight in less than one minute. In fact, when installed, this system makes it impossible to advance in the premises as it obscures any visibility by diffusing a thick smoke as soon as it is triggered.

An innovative and effective security solution

The opaque smoke generator is a new security tool for your workspaces, exhibition areas, warehouses, storerooms, etc. It is automatically triggered if an intrusion is detected.

The system can cover any surface size and does not require special permits. The smoke it emits is not considered toxic and acts as a strong deterrent and repellent to intruders.

These fog generators are professional and highly flexible security solutions with exceptional features and power. These generators can be integrated in an aesthetic way and save space in your workspace.

Image : Protect

An ideal solution for companies... and for individuals.

A smoke generator is generally installed as a complement to an intruder alarm. It is recommended for companies or individuals seeking to optimise and reinforce their security system:

  • The system also offers settings preferences that can be precisely tailored to a room’s dimensions.

  • The nozzles can be adjusted to direct the fog flow in any chosen direction.

  • Customers have online access to the fog generator for remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

Image : Protect

Protect: 20 years of experience in the security fog industry

Specialist in the fog-generation industry, our partner company, Protect, has over 20 years’ experience in the sector. It develops new solutions every day to make it easier for their customers to access and use security fog. Their Research and Development department enables them to continue to innovate and offer state-of-the-art products.


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