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What is homejacking?

Home-jacking is a burglary technique that consists of breaking into a home while the inhabitants are present. Based on the same principle, car-jacking involves cars that are stationary (at red lights, etc.). In recent years, homejacking has become a common practice in residential areas.

Cambriolage Sécurité Suisse

What should you do?

  • If you think someone has broken into your home, call the police immediately (117).

  • Do not enter your home, be discreet, and wait for the police or gendarmes.

  • Gather evidence to identify the perpetrators: clothing, language, types of vehicles, direction of escape.

  • Do not take risks; cooperate if attackers confront you.

Once the burglars have left, protect any traces or evidence:

  • Do not touch any object, door or window

  • Do not touch any light switches

  • Do not allow anyone to enter

Below is a report broadcast on RTS, in the programme, "Temps présent":


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