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The influence of artificial intelligence

"Until recently, AI-based security was reserved for businesses and other large organisations with big budgets – but not anymore. Now, small businesses can also harness the power of AI to improve your security, save time, and reduce costs, thanks to Hikvision's AcuSense technology," says Kevin You, Director of Product Management at Hikvision.

Cambriolage Sécurité Suisse

From appliances to cars, and from smartphones to computers, technological innovations have saved companies valuable hours of unproductive, routine work. Even more recently, technologies endowed with artificial intelligence have helped automate many time-consuming tasks – and security is a prime example of this.

How can artificial intelligence be used in the field of security?

Surveillance cameras are a concrete example. Artificial intelligence can differentiate between humans and vehicles or other moving things such as animals or leaves falling from a tree. This means these new tools can immediately detect real security threats and send an alarm directly to your mobile phone.

Our partner, Hikvision, offers innovative artificial intelligence solutions: their technology, AcuSense, integrates deep learning algorithms into security cameras and video recorders to equip businesses and individuals with intelligent tools to take security to the next level, both indoors and outdoors.


AcuSense technology detects threats of intrusion in real time, triggering alerts on users’ mobile phones for a more rapid response.


Acusense technology differentiates people and vehicles from other moving objects, allowing security teams to focus on real threats.


AcuSense technology applies tags to recorded footage of people and vehicles, speeding up video searches, minimising manual effort, and reducing the amount of time spent on.


AcuSense-enabled smart cameras are installed quickly and are as easy to set up as conventional security cameras.

At the same time, security using artificial intelligence can help minimise false alarms, reducing costs and saving time. Tags embedded in the captured video enable searching for people and vehicles extremely quickly and easily, without having to spend hours monitoring the footage.

Watch the video on this link.

At what cost?

Until recently, security solutions based on artificial intelligence were expensive. Prices, however, have changed with the arrival of new solutions, such as the latest generation of NVR (network video recorders) and DVR surveillance cameras.

Therefore, by reducing false alarms and automating the monitoring of your home or business, operating costs are controlled.

These state-of-the-art cameras allow you to monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world, view video, and receive alarm notifications via a mobile app.

For whom?

Our customers use AcuSense-compatible products for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. The technology is used to protect the inside and outside of homes, factories, warehouses, businesses, car parks, and more.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence therefore becomes a simple and accessible way to optimise your security.

Learn more about these Hikvision products by clicking on this link.


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